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It’s no coincidence that you’re here.

I’ll hazard a guess someone you trust mentioned my name, or I popped up on your LinkedIn feed. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you found me.

Maybe you’re here because you’re fed up having your website stuck in internet purgatory, while your competitors are sitting smugly on page one of the search results. It’s frustrating, I know.

Or you’re done paying out big commissions to online platforms and want to drive more business directly to your website. Cha-ching!

It could even be that you’re ready to give this writing malarky a shot and you’re here for some coaching. If so, go plump up those cushions in a quiet corner.

Relax, you’re in safe hands

With so much white noise out there, the trick is having your website and marketing channels sing from the rooftops.

The world wants to know about your business and why it’s so special. And when you’ve got great copy, loaded with benefits, written with personality, compelling people to do what you want – you’re way more likely to get the results you want from your website.

Let’s grow your business with words that pack a profitable punch!

Website Copy

Transforming your web page and tone of voice to wow your fans and build trust.


Show off your industry expertise, your personality, and squeeze in some keywords.

Website Copy Health Check

Fine-tune your website and boost your bookings with a copy MOT. Toot toot!

Product Description

You’ve dreamed up the product. Now it’s time to make it sound sexy as hell, by leading with the benefits.

Brochure & leaflet design

Presenting everything you sell in a way that compels people to take action.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is hot again. How often do you receive a cool piece of mail through the letterbox? (roll the Tumbleweed) 

Questions and answer time

1. What format will my content come in?
I provide all of my work in Google Docs. 

2. What if I want to make some changes?
That’s totally normal, though there may be some method behind my madness. Let’s talk about it, and you’ll get two rounds of revisions included with each page.

3. How long will it take to receive my copy from you?
That can depend a bit on my workload. I generally complete jobs in the order they’re received. I’ll give you a concrete timeline once we’ve chatted a bit. You’ll receive the first piece of copy to review, to make sure you like the direction I’ve taken. Then, I’ll move on to the rest. 

4. Can you put the content on my website for me?
I’ll provide awesome content for you to pass over to your chosen designer. 

Let’s get started today, contact me to book your discovery call

Let’s be pen-pals

I promise to send you cool writing tips and helpful stuff, every second week-ish

I respect your privacy and will never share your details.