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What to expect working with a copywriter

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When it comes to working with a copywriter it may not be clear what to expect. You may have questions like – How can you write about my business if you’re not part of it? Do you charge per day, per hour, per project? Are you some sort of mystical creature who has pencils for fingers?

Below are 5 key questions and answers that explain the benefits of working with a copywriter. 

1. What can a copywriter write for me? 

A great copywriter can help you with any (and all) of your content needs. In today’s world, that means digital and print, everything from your sales brochures to your website.

The services I offer are:

  • Website Copy

✓ Transform your web page to wow your customers and build trust

✓ An entire website from scratch

✓ A-la-carte copy for individual pages. The most popular pages tend to be:

  • Home pages
  • About pages
  • FAQ pages
  • Services pages
  • Optimized Blog Posts

✓Show off your industry expertise, your personality, and squeeze in some keywords

✓ SEO included

  • Email Campaign Copywriting

✓ Writing deliciously crafted e-copy

✓ Create email campaigns to connect with your customers and speak to their needs

✓ Catchy subject lines always included

  • Product Descriptions

✓ Make your products sound sexy as hell, by leading with the benefits

  • Brochure & leaflet design

✓ Presenting everything you sell in a way that compels people to take action

  • Direct Mail

✓ Direct Mail is hot again. Get in on the action

2. How does hiring a copywriter work? 

Every project is different. We’ll start with a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to learn about your needs, pinch points and the timelines you’re working to.  

From there, I’ll develop an easy-to-understand project proposal based on your requirements and budget. 

If we decide to work together I’ll send over a contract and an insightful questionnaire for you to complete. The questionnaire gives me a peek into your business dreams and visions, your story and how you want it to be told.

3. I’m new to marketing – how do I define my branding? Will working with a copywriter help? 


You’re a business owner, you have a million demands on your time on any given day. Marketing can be a minefield for many and I don’t expect any of my clients to be marketing pros. 

I’m happy to work with those who are new to copywriting and marketing. I’m here to answer your questions along the way so that you’re comfortable with the process and happy with the final product.

If you’re just starting out in business, some necessary copywriting services to consider are: your brand voice & messaging, website copy, an email campaign and blog posts.

4. Do your services include SEO? 

They do!

I can either work with the SEO keywords you provide me or I can come up with a detailed SEO plan to ensure your copy hollers to your dream clients and speaks to Google.

5. How do you charge? 

Each project is unique to your needs. Once we’ve defined the copywriting service that best suits your requirements, I’ll include details of my fee in your project proposal.