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Let’s turn your fans into superfans

Writing the copy, aka the words for your website can be a wee bit difficult, ok scrap the wee, it’s bloomin hard, right? 

Your website is your shop window and if it ain’t singing from the rooftops you’re likely getting high bounce rates (technical term for very short visits on your website), and definitely no bookings. 

But how do you make your business, your team, and the services you offer sound amazing, while at the same time writing in compelling words, in the voice of your customer, driving them to take action, without any grammar mistakes? Oh, and using messaging that keeps Google happy! 

I know, feel free to go have a lie-down. Not easy, right?

That’s why I’m here. To take that load off your shoulders, so you can rest easy knowing your website is twinkling brightly out there in the ether, working hard for you while you get on with your day job.  

Good copy is essential. Yip, powerful messaging will connect you with your fans. Guiding them. Reassuring them. So they start scrolling the page impatiently looking for the big beautiful BOOK NOW button and thinking ‘heck yeah, I want what you’ve got’.

We both know it’s time to graduate to the big leagues and invest in copy that earns its keep. Say hello to your superfans!

Your investment for killer website copy:

✓ From £2000 for 16+ pages

✓ From £1250 for 10+ pages

Benefits for you:

✓ A well-written website will lead to more web traffic

✓ which leads to more bookings

✓ which leads to more sales

✓ which leads to more great reviews 

✓ which leads to more bookings

✓ which leads to celebrations

What’s included:

✓ A complimentary discovery call – we’ll chat about your goals and vision, and challenges you’ve encountered

✓ A super effective questionnaire that helps me to write copy that sounds – and sells like your best self

✓ SEO research and keywords

✓ A content strategy to attract your ideal customer 

✓ Optimized copy delivered in a Google Doc

✓ One round of revisions to ensure your copy is so damn good you do a happy dance every time you read it

Let’s be pen-pals

I promise to send you cool writing tips and helpful stuff, every second week-ish

I respect your privacy and will never share your details.