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Writing a great product description is about more than just the facts.

It’s about how the product will solve your customer’s problem. How it will make their lives richer and all the better.

You’ll also have to consider how and where your customer will find the product. That means it has to be SEO-friendly.

Unless you’re already an SEO pro, that’s an awful lot of learning you’ll have to do to get the job done.

You have the products. Let me sing their praises. I write benefits-focused, SEO-optimized product descriptions. 

What’s included:

✓ A complimentary discovery call – we’ll chat about your goals and vision, and what challenges you’ve encountered

✓ A process that is straight-forward and won’t complicate your schedule

✓ Review of your company’s voice and your ideal customer, to align on-brand descriptions 

✓ Kick-ass copy that’ll have your customers beating down your door

Benefits for you:

✓ Sexy product descriptions making your offer irresistible  

✓ Strengthen your brand voice and awareness raising of your products   

✓ More sales, more repeat customers, better profit margin, happier you

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