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You’re here because you want to attract more of your dream customers and increase bookings, right?

Absolutely, and guess what – I want the very same for you. So lemme ask the BIG question – when was the last time you reviewed your website copy? Was it in the last six months? Maybe it was around 2020 when hospitality and tourism businesses had to introduce lots of safety protocols and highlight them online?

What I’m getting at is this – if your dream customer landed on your website, full of curiosity and looking for inspiration would your messaging connect with them on that level? …. And be honest.

So often, we build our website, hit publish and hope for the best, crossing our fingers for traction. Not really understanding the full extent of algorithms or how they work (who does?) but willing our website to attract more direct bookings. Sounds familiar?

Yip, I totally get it, the struggle to stand out online is real. And that’s why it’s easy to fall back on the booking giants who monopolise the travel industry, even though there’s a commission sting involved.  Ouch!

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? That I have a solution to make your website work harder for you. The Website Copy Health Check gets my specialist digital marketing eyes all over your website, to review and spot the obvious blocks, and provide the wins! Turning your ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’. 

I’m in, tell me more:

Put simply, your website will get a five-star ‘tweakment’. I’ll go through your copy word for word paying special attention to the content that’s winning or killing your dream customer’s online journey, focusing specifically on: 

✓ Your tone of voice

✓ Your language and how this aligns with your ‘brand’ 

✓ The emotional connection (if any) in your messaging

✓ Clarity of voice

✓ Calls to action (so important and often overlooked)

✓ Page mapping and the ease of moving between your home, services, about and book now pages

✓ Your imagery, the quality and variety of pics

✓ If your social channels are speaking the same language and driving customers to your website

And it doesn’t stop there, I’m also including a special Brucey Bonus:

✓ An excerpt of your website copy rewritten by me. I’ll sprinkle personality into your words, smooth out any wrinkles, and make your copy shine like a disco ball that even Sister Sledge would be proud of!

Consider it the ‘north star’ of your writing prowess. You can circle back to it anytime for inspo when tweaking your website copy.  

The Copy Heath Check will be delivered over a 60-minute Zoom call. I’ll provide you with lots of valuable insights and observations on what’s working well and what needs tweaking. There’s time for questions too, so don’t worry you won’t be left scratching your head or feeling confused. 

The Zoom is recorded so you can watch it back as often as you need. And, you’ll receive a paper (PDF) copy of my recommendations, which is ideal for quick reference. No stone is left unturned! 

The recommendations I share with you are based on tried and tested processes that get results. Oh, and did I mention that I don’t do fluff? The Copy Health Check is straight-talking valuable advice to improve your website and inspire your customers to take action. Cha-ching! 

It’s time to say goodbye to dull copy and clunky web pages and hello to a website that goes the extra mile for you! 

Your investment for the Website Copy Health Check

✓ £195 includes our 60-minute Zoom call, a shared recording of the Zoom, a PDF of recommended ‘tweakments’, and my time behind the scenes eye-balling your entire website – it’s a process!

Benefits for you:

✓ An in-depth review of your website copy from an industry pro (me!) who writes for The National Trust for Scotland, luxury hotels and exclusive use venues, top tourist attractions and HIT Scotland (to name a few)

✓ A 60-minute easy process that won’t infringe on your busy schedule, full of straight-talking advice to improve your website and attract more of your dream customers

✓ An example of high-converting and compelling copy you can use as a benchmark for future writing projects

✓ A recording of your Copy Health Check to circle back to anytime

✓ A PDF with my recommendations and advice to improve your website

✓ Attracting more of your dream customers, improving engagement, more bookings, bigger profit margins, and a happier you

What’s included:

✓ A complimentary discovery call – we’ll chat about your goals and vision for your website, and any challenges you’ve encountered

✓ A super easy and effective questionnaire that helps me to understand your business and what makes it special to you

✓ My time behind the scenes diving deep into your website, exploring the language, tone, storytelling, messaging and functionality.

✓ And all the benefits mentioned in the section above

Let’s be pen-pals

I promise to send you cool writing tips and helpful stuff, every second week-ish

I respect your privacy and will never share your details.