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It’s a fact our inbox fills up every day with “junk”. Sending physical mail is a great way to get noticed, and stand out head and shoulders above the rest. 

Young folks don’t associate direct mail with “junk mail” the way oldies might. 

Start with your existing customers, 76% of them are likely to read through your mailer if they’ve bought from you previously.  

Consider what you’d say that’s guaranteed to raise a smile when they open your mail. Yes, offers are great, it could also be an exclusive product or service you’re introducing, or adding extra value to their next booking? 

I’ll style it right, keep the copy short and punchy, and we’ll add photography to have them stop them in their tracks. 

What’s included:

✓ A complimentary discovery call – we’ll chat about your goals and vision, and what challenges you’ve encountered

✓ A process that is straight-forward and won’t complicate your schedule

✓ Custom mailer copy written for your audience, soulfully singing in your brand voice  

✓ One round of revisions if anything needs to be fine tuned

Benefits for you:

✓ Compelling and original copy your customer will love  

✓ Strengthen your brand voice, and raising awareness all about your services and products

✓ Strong call to action your customer will engage with 

✓ More sales, more repeat customers, better profit margin, happier you

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