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Ever wondered why your website is stuck in internet purgatory while your competitors are appearing on page one? 

Well, they’re likely churning out engaging and optimised content regularly and consistently which the Google Gods lurve!

The reward for fresh content is that it drives eyes to your website, and here’s the clincher, it’s always going to be there. You own the blog and it’ll continue to generate website traffic. It’s what’s fondly known as ‘evergreen’ content. 

Aside from helping you in the rankings, blogs let you show off your expertise with your dream clients, helping them understand your business, and reassuring them that they can trust you.

And it doesn’t stop there, yes there’s more, you can slice up your blog content and repurpose it for social media posts. Hello…! You’ll no longer need to painstakingly wonder what to post on your socials because you’ll have at least 800 words per blog (yip, the chunkier the better) to pick from. It’s a win-win right?

Fact: companies with blogs get an average of 67% more leads each month than companies without. Just think how much impact that has on the selling power of your website? Mahoosive!

But creating blogs on your own is often overwhelming and unrealistic when you’re busy in your business with a lengthy to-do list. I get it.

Blogging and where to start?

Good blogs contain lots of valuable info and they’re fun to read. Themes to consider are ‘How to..’, Q&A’s, listicles, insider info, and more. 

I’m a huge fan of blogging. I love the the research and writing part and what really lights me up is knowing I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s business.

I write ‘done-for-you’ SEO blogs. Let’s shut down Chat GPT (because you don’t want to sound like every other business out there!) and add a sprinkle of human touch to your content.

You deserve to stand out from the crowd! 

Together you and I will work out blog topics and titles based on SEO and competitor research.  

As the key to blogging is consistency I offer a monthly retainer to get the momentum going and boost those SEO results.  The process is super easy, you get an 800-word (minimum) blog in your inbox, ready to upload to your website every month. Some clients like two blogs a month – even better!

Your investment for a monthly blog on retainer:

✓ £200 for a monthly blog

✓ £350 for two blogs per month

Your investment for a bundle of 3, 6 or 12 blogs:

✓ From £500 to £2000

Benefits for you:

✓ Original content your reader will love, written by a human, not a robot

✓ Well researched articles that position you as an industry expert

✓ SEO optimization to help you get more traffic

✓ Strong calls to action your audience will engage with

✓ More sales, more repeat customers, better profit margin, happier you

What’s included:

✓ A complimentary discovery call – we’ll chat about your goals and vision, and challenges you’ve encountered

✓ A process that is straight-forward and won’t complicate your schedule

✓ Customised blogs written for your audience, soulfully singing in your brand voice  

✓ One round of revisions if anything needs to be fine tuned

Let’s be pen-pals

I promise to send you cool writing tips and helpful stuff, every second week-ish

I respect your privacy and will never share your details.